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  • Is EVSATE an acronym?
    Yes. EVSATE stands for Encouraging Victims of past or present bullying experiences and enabling them to stand up for themselves and Speak About their Traumatic Experiences.
  • Who is behind EVSATE?
    We are a group of young adults who are dedicated to making cinematic anti-bullying films. We are accompanied by over 30 poeple in their respective fields (drama, sound mixing, psychology, etc.) to join this production.
  • Where can I find the film?
    The film will be released on Sunday 22nd of may 2022. It will be on YouTube and it will be sent round schools internationally and additionally will be uploaded to this website.

The Movie - Starting Anew 


For teachers
We expect this movie will have the most effect in classrooms for ages between 9 - 16, but this is dependent on the class maturity to learn about the dangers and how to stop subtle bullying.
- We are giving out free USB sticks, for you to keep, which holds a lesson plan and worksheets (approved by Torah Umesorah). Pre-book it now. 

For all viewers
The are many lessons in this film that you can take. The main lessons (that are emphasized by our worksheet and lesson plan) are that you can go talk to a trusted adult about bullying experiences. Also that, those that bully don't realize what their words or actions really caused. Some may not realise they are bullying at all or some but don't realize the severeness of the situation, that they caused.

Worksheet and Lesson Plan

The worksheets and lesson plan are in middle of being made, with different content for different ages. Request a free USB stick with the lesson plan and worksheets, which accompany the film, by filling out the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

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