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It’s time to take a stand against the silent killer - Subtle Bullying


I’m going to tell you my story, because I think it may help you and your friends to become more aware that the way you behave can really affect the lives of others.


Some won’t classify this as bullying but the feelings of everyone 

affected says otherwise


And once you’ve heard what happened to me and you understand what went wrong; perhaps YOU can be the one to change the outcome for the better!


Yours Truly,








Tzvi ——- Eli Cope

Keeva —- Chuli Burns

Meir ——  Yitzi Freedman

Rebbe —- Rabbi YCD Cohen

-Kids in class-

Ari Halpern

Moshe Tzvi Lock

Aryeh Miller

Tzvi Hoch 

Leider Sternlicht

Chaim Aberman

Moishe Winegarten

Sruli Winegarten

-Special thanks to-

Family Hassell

Family Arnold

Mrs Marilyn Bar-Ilan

Mrs Levenberg 

-An EVSATE Production-


Produced by Eli Hassell

Directed by Asher Arnold

Assistant Director: Nosson Stern

Filmed by Asher Arnold & Akiva Grunewald

Edited by Asher Arnold

Production Assistant: Shmuel Nuefeld

Cover art by Gavi Eljarat 


-Music Credits-


Title: What Now performed by Thomas Leypoldt, 

used under license from Andyax Music


Title: Melody Of My Dreams 

Composer: Whitesand (@martynas_lau)


Title: One Story 

Composer: Adam Vitovský 

Licensed under CC BY 3.0 (


 Behind The Scenes 

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